Home Office 101

Today’s need for an organized home office space is more apparent than ever. With changes in recent months for many, now having to work from home for the first time ever, or now utilizing online learning for children, daily setups at the dining table can really be rethought. A well-appointed workspace can be easily accomplished with these few steps:

A Work Surface It doesn’t need to be complicated or even in a designated room. Finding the corner of a Den, Living Room or even Dining Room to create your workspace can be perfectly acceptable and blend in to the decor well, without being obtrusive. Blending style, color and accessories as well as seating to existing decor, can go a long way to incorporating a work space in any room.

Great Accessories Finding accessories to match the overall look of your workspace is easier than ever with lines like @nateberkus for Target or @marthastewart for Staples, for example. Keep the look consistent with all matching items in this catagory for a cohesive look. It’s the little things that tell the story!

Color Working from home can be stressful. Find a color that works within your room, but also influences your mood in a positive way. Cool colors like pale blue can be calming or more vibrant colors can buzz with energy. Feel what works best for you and your work style!

Lighting Besides completing the look of your work surface, having sufficient lighting is crucial to your workspace. Find a lamp that is well-scaled to your desk to provide comfortable light for you day and night, reducing stress to your eyes. Lamps are one of my most favorite components to choose in any space, so make it good looking and functional!

Seating One great chair tells the style story. Adding a chair with a fun pattern in an upholstery fabric or a simple slipcovered duck cloth parsons chair, can change the whole look of your space. Make it comfortable as well as stylish. Seeing your created space in profile – your work surface, lamp, accessories and finally, the chair will complete the workspace.

Edit Form meets function here. Having a decluttered, neat space goes a long way to reducing stress. Visual clutter is very distracting and creates internal stress sometimes in ways we don’t realize. Have a place to file papers appropriately and a shredder nearby helps to stay ahead of the paper. Keep only those items in task out while you work.

Atmosphere I love to create atmosphere. What do I mean by that? To me, it’s the finishing touches that create a feeling in the space. How does it smell? How does it sound? Having a favorite candle to light while you work, a cup of tea in a beautiful cup that sparks joy, soft music, pictures of loved ones or an inspirational quote – all add atmosphere!

These tips will help you to create a dedicated, put-together space for productive work. Still need help? Contact me today for a complimentary consultation.